Anpan : a type of sweet bread that is popular in Japan which wrap red bean paste in dough

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What is anpan?

Anpan is a type of sweet bread that is popular in Japan. It is common to wrap red bean paste in dough. It has a long history in Japan and is often eaten as a snack or for breakfast.

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History of anpan

Anpan is said to have originated in the Meiji era.

The Meiji period was a period of great change in Japan toward modernization.

During this period, bakeries appeared and bread became a popular food.

Anpan was invented in 1874 by Yasubei Kimura, the founder of Kimuraya (now Kimuraya Sohonten) and a former samurai from Ibaraki Prefecture, and his second son Eisaburo Kimura.

It is said that it was inspired by European bread making. I decided to put bean paste, which is often found in Japanese sweets, in the batter.

After that, anpan spread rapidly in Japan.

It was often eaten as a snack or breakfast. It was also used as a gift for friends and family.

The popularity of anpan continued well into the 20th century.

It also appeared in popular Japanese comics, and its popularity increased further.

How To Make Anpan

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The deliciousness of anpan

There are various reasons for the deliciousness of anpan.

First, the fabric is soft and fluffy. Therefore, it is very easy to eat.

The second is that the bean paste is sweet and has a rich flavor.

The third is the warm scent of anpan. When you smell the scent of anpan, you want to eat it.

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Anpan in Japanese culture

Anpan is an important part of Japanese culture.

They are often eaten on special occasions or given as gifts.

It is also popular as a character in cartoons and movies. In addition, anpan is often used as a symbol of Japan.

For example, the Japanese flag has a red sun, which is similar to the color of anpan.

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Anpan is a delicious and popular food in Japan.

It is made by wrapping the bean paste in a soft dough.

It has a long history in Japan and is often eaten on special occasions. If you have the chance, please try eating anpan.

You can enjoy it at convenience stores and supermarkets.

The birthplace of Kimuraya Sohonten is in Ginza, so if you are in Ginza, please enjoy it.

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