Gourmet Yokocho : One corner of the building is like a food court, and dozens of stores are located there.

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Recently, there are more explanations of Gourmet Yokocho in Japan.

One corner of the building is like a food court, and dozens of stores are located there.

Customers can enjoy the taste of various shops in one place, and restaurants can save advertising expenses, so due to the impact of the corona disaster, unique gourmet alleys have been created in various places. .

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Asakusa Area

Asakusa Gourmet Street

A temple of festivals and food is born in the bustling town of Asakusa. A side street where you can enjoy an exotic atmosphere by collecting festivals and foods from all over the country

Awa Odori, Eisa, Bon Odori, guitar, magic, every day, something happens in Yokocho. A wonderful meeting and a wonderful festival. and nice life

You can also rent kimonos.

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Akihabara Area

Akihabara Motsu Gourmet Street 

“Akihabara Hormone Yokocho” is a specialty store with “horumon” as the leading role, consisting of four business types: “Motsuyaki Japanese Rebirth Sakaba”, “Hormone Nikomi Specialty Store Nikomiya Roku”, “Teppan Hormone Barracks”, and “Bar Attic”.

You can enjoy dishes with various ingredients and parts such as beef, pork, and chicken in a row-type store.

The core of Yokocho is the “Japan Revitalization Tavern”, which is a representative business format of the Ishii Group.

It is characterized by the exquisite “motsuyaki” that has been carefully selected. We offer hormones whose freshness is the life (which greatly affects quality) with know-how accumulated over 71 years that cannot be imitated anywhere else.

While feeling nostalgic in the store that reproduces the retro townscape of the Showa era, we want to satisfy both your stomach and your heart in a bustling and lively space.

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Shinjuku Area

Shinjuku Ryunomiyako Gourmet Street / Shinjuku East Exit Gormet Street

Ryugu Castle in the heart of the city! ? The paradise of food! ? Located on the 4 floors of the Shinjuku East Exit Ekimae Building, this is the largest entertainment area in the city center with a total of 17 stores!

It is a chaotic entertainment space in a different dimension that brings together the excitement of Far East Asia!

Shinjuku Gormet Street

There are 8 stores mainly serving Japanese cuisine.

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Shibuya Area

Shibuya Gormet Street

Soul food from all over Japan and a variety of entertainment! Every day is a festival!

“Shibuya Yokocho” is a fusion facility of food and entertainment in “RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK”.

A total of 19 stores where you can enjoy regional soul food, sumo wrestler meals, café snacks, and performances by various artists from Hokkaido to Kyushu and Okinawa! It is a new “hangout” in Shibuya.

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Toranomon Area

Toranomono Gourmet Street

3F of Tranomon Business Tower

Toranomon Yokocho is a place that connects the present and future of food, which is a collection of a total of 26 famous stores that are famous in Tokyo, which has not been opened in many stores.

Toranomon Yokocho is the magnetic field formed by the gathering of shops that have the intention to stick to each other, and the collision of the individual pieces creates heat, the energy of which creates a magnetic force.

The space is created with the keyword “road”. That is to cherish heat. This is not to end up enjoying each individual store, but to enjoy the individuality of Toranomon Yokocho as a group.

The road used to be a social area. It is also a place where people can connect with each other, people with shops, shops with shops.

Kotora Gourmet Street [Japanese]

The revival of Japanese restaurants and izakayas starts here.

A new food entertainment spot that will open in January 2022 is a place where you can reconfirm the joy of eating, the joy of talking, and the importance of interacting with traditional Japanese festivals. Please enjoy the unique banquet of 12 stores.

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