Coming of Age Day: A Special Milestone in Japan

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On January 8, 2024, Japan celebrates the traditional and vibrant Coming of Age Day.

This day plays a significant role in Japanese culture, marking the moment of social maturity for new adults.

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History and Significance of Coming of Age Day

Coming of Age Day is one of Japan’s national holidays, celebrated on the second Monday of January each year.

It blesses young people reaching the age of 20, recognizing their responsibilities and obligations as adults.

In Japan, turning 20 signifies reaching the age of legal adulthood.

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Kimonos and Furisode: The Elegant Attire of the Ceremony

On Coming of Age Day, new adults participate in ceremonies dressed in traditional Japanese attire. Women wear colorful furisode, while men dress in traditional garments or suits.

Furisode, characterized by its long sleeves and rich colors and patterns, represents youthfulness and a celebratory spirit.

These outfits are a crucial element in marking the new adults’ journey, symbolizing Japanese tradition and beauty.

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Celebration of the Coming of Age Ceremony

The ceremony is held across municipalities nationwide.

It includes congratulatory speeches from mayors or guest speakers, traditional dance and music performances, and representatives of the new adults making resolutions.

These ceremonies mark a memorable entry into a new stage of life for the new adults.

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Invitation to Visitors

For foreign tourists visiting Tokyo, Coming of Age Day offers an excellent opportunity to experience the celebratory mood.

Attending ceremonies around the city and visiting shrines frequented by new adults allows immersion in Japanese culture and traditions.

Additionally, the new adults in their splendid attire make for perfect photo opportunities.

When in Tokyo, please enjoy this unique aspect of Japanese culture. Coming of Age Day offers an unforgettable experience, embodying the fusion of Japanese tradition and modernity.


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