Gyomu Super is a supermarket operated by Kobe Bussan in Japan

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Gyomu Supermarkets tend to have more products than other supermarkets, but the prices are lower.

It can be used as a base for living in Japan and as a place to choose souvenirs when traveling from overseas.


Features of Gyomu Super

With the concept of Everyday Low Prices, there is no need to run special sales or excessive advertising for each day of the week.
Through this initiative, customers can always purchase products at the best price with peace of mind.

We have a wide range of products that can be enjoyed not only by professionals but also by families every day, such as authentic ingredients directly imported from countries around the world and original products made in our own factory in Japan that are particular about deliciousness and safety. We offer bargain products every day.

At Gyomu Super, there are many original products manufactured in our own factory, as well as products made in-house from raw materials for agriculture and poultry farming. In addition to sales, we are responsible for all processes to deliver products to customers, such as manufacturing and raw materials, so we can cut costs and labor, and deliver good products to customers at lower prices.

We directly import various carefully selected products from about 45 countries around the world, including France, Italy, Belgium, and the United States, in large containers. The amount is about 7 Mt.

We are devising ways to reduce purchasing costs, such as purchasing directly from manufacturers without going through wholesalers, dealing directly with overseas factories and importing them ourselves, and making original products at our own factories. By efficiently delivering products to over 900 stores nationwide, we have reduced distribution costs and achieved lower prices.

Advertising is mainly web flyers, and the price of the product can be cheaper as much as you don’t spend advertising expenses. In addition, original fixtures exclusively for frozen foods and cardboard displays reduce store operation costs! We strive to thoroughly eliminate waste and loss in order to deliver products as cheaply as possible.

We are making original products such as sweets series with milk cartons and fluffy tamagoyaki. At our own factory that manufactures these products, we are constantly reviewing the manufacturing process and improving production efficiency to reduce costs and aim for even more delicious and cheap products.



Business supermarkets sell a wide range of products, mainly food and beverages, at low prices. With stores all over Japan, it’s a convenient option for residents and tourists alike.


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