The Giant Cat of Shinjuku East Exit: A Guide for Foreign Tourists

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In the bustling heart of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, a unique 3D illusion has captured the attention of both locals and tourists alike.

Here’s everything you need to know about the mesmerizing giant cat of Shinjuku East Exit.

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About the Cat

Located at the Shinjuku East Exit station plaza, this is not just any 3D visual content.

It’s designed to appear as if a massive cat lives within the Cross Shinjuku Vision building.

Every morning, the cat awakens, makes several appearances throughout the day, and by night, it gets sleepy and the lights dim. The cat’s love for high and narrow spaces, the movement of its ears and tail reflecting its emotions, and its overall presence are all intricately portrayed.

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Why the 3D Illusion?

The illusion is created by exploiting the human eye’s perception.

When viewed from the Shinjuku East Exit station plaza, the video is meticulously calculated to appear three-dimensional.

The relationship between the “room” and the “cat” is also cleverly designed. By projecting the cat’s ears and tail in front of the white room background, the human brain perceives depth, making the cat seem to pop out.

The curved LED vision also induces this optical illusion.

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The Vision Behind the Screen

The Shinjuku East Exit Scramble Crossing, once a popular rendezvous point, had become just a thoroughfare.

To captivate passersby, a large 4K-equivalent vision screen broadcasting 3D videos was installed.

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Why a Cat?

Omnibus Japan participated in a 3D video competition utilizing the large curved screen, proposing several ideas, including the giant 3D cat.

The concept was born from the idea of having a cat “just lying around.”

With iconic characters like Hachiko in Shibuya and the owl in Ikebukuro, Shinjuku needed its beloved character, leading to the adoption of the cat.

The hope is that travelers, both domestic and international, will visit Shinjuku to see this cat.

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When and Where to Watch

To ensure a glimpse of the “Cat of Shinjuku East Exit,” watch the “Cat Channel” broadcasted every hour at 00, 15, 30, and 45 minutes.

This segment features short movie-like videos. Additionally, the cat randomly appears during ad breaks, showcasing its daily life. There’s also a special 8-minute segment in the morning and evening where the cat dominates the screen.

The broadcasting schedule is available on the Cross Shinjuku Vision official Twitter and at the “Cat Cafe of Shinjuku East Exit.”

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Best Viewing Points

For the “New Room” edition, the base of the large tree in the plaza offers the best view.

For other videos, the signal waiting area is ideal.

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Capturing the Cat on Camera

Due to the high-quality visuals, moiré patterns (stripe patterns) can appear when capturing with smartphones.

For smartphones, brighten the subject when shooting. If using a camera, reduce the shutter speed for clearer shots.

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Some Commercial 3D

Experience this unique blend of technology, art, and culture in Shinjuku on your next visit!


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