Hotel New Otani Tokyo that has Shin-Edo type room and with Japanese Garden

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The history of Hotel New Otani began in 1962, when the Japanese government faced the daunting challenge of completing a massive construction effort to host an estimated 30,000 international visitors for the Tokyo Olympic Games in just two years. Yonetaro Otani, Hotel New Otani founder, agreed to build the finest hotel in the Orient on land he owned in Kioicho near the Imperial Palace, and thereby contribute to the national strategy for advancing Japan’s tourism industry.


After a major renovation, “The Main” reopened in 2007 as a “hybrid hotel” featuring higher seismic performance, reduced environmental impact and enhanced hospitality, incorporating a hotel-in-a-hotel EXECUTIVE HOUSE ZEN on floors 11 and 12.

Now a well-established Japanese luxury hotel, we marked our 50th anniversary in 2014. Forbes Travel Guide has awarded EXECUTIVE HOUSE ZEN with five stars for three consecutive years now since 2020, and The Main has been granted four stars in 2021 and 2022. We intend to continually meet the high expectations of our guests by constantly upgrading our facilities and services, building upon and enhancing our proud legacy and traditions.


Japanese Garden

The Japanese garden at Hotel New Otani Tokyo has been ranked #10 in the 2019 top-20 list of “Best Free Attractions in Japan” released by TripAdvisor. The garden has been ranked in the list Four years in a row.

It has also been selected as one of “Tokyo’s Best 100 Spots to Boast to the World” by Toei Transportation and TripAdvisor.

With a history of more than 400 years, the garden had in the past been the property of various known samurai lords. The 10-acre-ground features several ancient stone lanterns, scarlet bridges over koi ponds, a stone garden, waterfall, as well as a myriad of flowers and rich foliage that bloom or change colors from season to season. While nestled in the heart of this busy city, the quiet and peaceful ambience that enfolds the expanse provides a moment of repose to hotel guests and visitors alike.



Points to note when making a reservation

The Hotel New Otani has a variety of rooms, so be careful when making a reservation.

My favorite room is the Shin-Edo type. You can relax your mind in the cypress bath.

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