Savoring Winter in Tokyo – A Guide to Warm and Delicious Cuisine

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Tokyo in winter is a treasure trove of delicious cuisine that eases the chill.

In this article, we introduce warm dishes perfect for winter, enjoyable for visitors to Japan.

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Hot Pot Dishes – The Essence of Winter Comfort

Japanese hot pot dishes are known for simmering various ingredients in a flavorful broth.

Shabu-shabu involves briefly swishing thinly sliced meat in hot water, enjoyed with ponzu or sesame sauce.

Motsu-nabe, a specialty from Kyushu, features beef offal stewed with cabbage and chives.

Yosenabe offers a simple taste of chicken, seafood, and vegetables cooked in broth.

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Oden – A Heartwarming Traditional Japanese Dish

Oden consists of ingredients like daikon radish, konnyaku, eggs, and fish cakes stewed in broth.

The ingredients absorb the umami of the broth, providing a comforting taste.

The broth varies by region, with Kanto-style being soy sauce-based and Kansai-style typically salt-based.

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Yakitori & Yakiniku – Perfect for Chilly Evenings

Yakitori, Japanese skewered chicken and vegetables grilled over charcoal, is seasoned with salt or sauce and pairs excellently with beer or sake.

Yakiniku involves grilling thin slices of beef on a tabletop grill and enjoying them with special sauces or salt.

The hot, freshly grilled meat is ideal for cold winters.

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Wagashi – Sweet Winter Comfort

Wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets, are especially popular in winter.

Oshiruko and zenzai, featuring generous amounts of red bean paste, are favorites. Oshiruko is a sweet soup with chewy mochi, while zenzai is a warm dessert made with whole red beans, perfect for alleviating winter’s chill.

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Finding Restaurants:

  • Ask Locals: Japanese people are passionate about food, so asking for recommendations is a great idea.
  • Use Tabelog or Gurunavi: These are Japan’s largest gourmet websites, offering searches by rating and genre. Tabelog… Gurunavi…
  • Explore: Tokyo is abundant with restaurants, so wandering around to stumble upon a great find can be an exciting experience.
  • Consult Hotel Concierges: Asking the concierge at your hotel can provide information on local hidden gems and popular spots.
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Tokyo in the cold season is filled with warm and delicious cuisine. Enjoy these dishes to fully experience a Tokyo winter!


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