Pork SYOUGAYAKI : soy sauce and ginger taste

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What is Pork SYOUGAYAKI?

Pork SYOUGAYAKI has a refreshing taste and is a very popular dish in Japan. It is made with soy sauce and ginger and can be tasted at Japanese restaurants. This dish is also called Pork Ginger Yaki.

What are the main ingredients in ginger pork?

The main ingredients of Pork Ginger Yaki are soy sauce and ginger. Thanks to these two ingredients, it has a refreshing taste.


How is Pork SYOUGAYAKI made?

Pork SYOUGAYAKI is marinated in soy sauce and ginger. The pork is then grilled or roasted. It is common to eat it with rice.


What does Pork SYOUGAYAKI taste like?

Pork SYOUGAYAKI has a refreshing taste. The soy sauce and ginger give it a slightly sweet and savory flavor. Also, the pork is tender and juicy.


Where Can we eat ?

You can enjoy it mainly with Japanese Restaurants





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