Muji is Simple Consumer Goods Maker

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Who is Muji ?

MUJI is a Japanese retail company that sells a variety of consumer goods. Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Tokyo. MUJI has a wide range of products, including clothing, household goods, and office supplies. The company is known for its simple, minimalistic design and its emphasis on quality and functionality.

MUJI was founded in Japan in 1980 by Masaaki Homma. The company name is derived from the Japanese word MUJI, which means “no brand, quality goods”. MUJI’s philosophy is based on the Japanese principles of “simplification” and “minimization.” This philosophy is reflected in MUJI products that pursue functionality and unbrandedness. MUJI products include clothing, daily necessities, and office supplies. Known for its simple and minimalist design, as well as its focus on quality and functionality.


MUJI vs 100 YEN shops

There are some important differences between MUJI and 100 Yen shops. First, MUJI products generally use high-quality materials, which results in a higher price range. Secondly, MUJI products tend to have a more minimalist design, which may be more appealing to some consumers. Finally, MUJI offers a wider range of products than other 100-yen shops, including clothing, daily necessities, and stationery.


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