Ice Cream Day in Japan : May 9th

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May 9th is Ice Cream Day

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The origin of this special day dates back to 1964, the year of the Tokyo Olympics, when the Tokyo Ice Cream Association decided to celebrate the beginning of the ice cream season right after the holiday week on May 9th, by organizing a festival of ice cream.

Since then, May 9th has been recognized annually as Ice Cream Day.

It has become a beloved occasion for many, providing an excellent opportunity to enjoy ice cream and introduce the unique ice cream culture of Japan.

In Japan, one can enjoy a wide variety of ice creams, ranging from traditional Japanese flavors to innovative and unique tastes.

Flavors such as matcha, azuki (red bean), and black sesame are extremely popular among foreign tourists, offering a chance to experience unique tastes that are quintessentially Japanese.

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Where to enjoy Japanese ice cream

Experiencing Japan’s unique flavors and seasonal limited-edition items allows one to deeply feel the culture and seasonal changes of Japan.

Ice Cream Day is a perfect moment to fully enjoy the charm of Japanese ice cream.

Especially when staying in Tokyo, there are numerous spots to enjoy ice cream, with areas like Shibuya and Harajuku being popular among the youth for their colorful and Instagram-worthy ice cream offerings.

These areas allow for the enjoyment of visually delightful and flavorful ice creams.

It is a culture in Japan to enjoy ice cream throughout the year, not just during the hot summer months, with enjoying ice cream alongside a warm drink during the cooler winter season being a uniquely Japanese pleasure.

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Japanese supermarkets and convenience

The ice creams found in Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores are diverse and unique.

Azuki Bar

The “Azuki Bar,” made with red beans, is a staple of Japanese summer, offering a perfect balance between the sweetness of azuki and the coolness of ice cream.

Yukimi Daifuku

“Yukimi Daifuku” is a unique Japanese dessert that combines the softness of mochi with the coldness of ice cream, filled with vanilla ice cream that delights with its smooth texture and the chewy mochi exterior.


“Papico” offers the fun of sharing, with its tubed packaging allowing it to be eaten by pushing it out, and it comes in a variety of flavors enjoyable by all ages.


“Garigari-kun” is a perfect summer ice cream with a crunchy ice inside an ice candy, its name reflecting the crunchy texture, and its flavors are regularly updated, sparking conversations.


Meanwhile, “Haagen-Dazs,” originating from the United States, has also become highly popular in Japan, evolving with unique Japan-exclusive flavors and products that incorporate Japanese ingredients, allowing for the enjoyment of delicate flavors suited to Japanese tastes.

For instance, seasonal flavors like matcha, Japanese chestnut, and sakura offer a unique taste experience, garnering high praise both domestically and internationally.

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These ice creams are not only symbolic treats of the Japanese summer but are also cherished by many throughout the year. With each brand continuously competing by introducing new flavors and ideas to the market, they tell the rich story of Japan’s ice cream culture.

When visiting Tokyo, especially as summer approaches, make sure to indulge in the delights of Japanese ice cream.


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