Shareholder perks : Japanese original way

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Shareholder perks are becoming increasingly popular in Japan as a way to reward shareholder loyalty. There are various forms of Shareholder perks, such as cashback, coupons, and discount cards. In this article, we will introduce various Shareholder perks available in Japan and how to receive them.


1. Types of Shareholder perks

In Japan, there are various Shareholder perks. The most common is cashback, in which a portion of the purchase price paid by the shareholder is refunded. In addition, there are special offers such as coupons, discount cards, and gifts.


2. How to receive Shareholder perks

To receive Shareholder perks, you must first register as a shareholder. Shareholder registration can generally be done online or by mail. Once registered, shareholders will be able to receive information on the benefits available to them.


3. Examples of Japanese companies offering Shareholder perks

Many Japanese companies offer shareholder benefits.



2702 Mcdonald’s Holdings Company (Japan)
Vouchers for burgers, side dishes, and drinks

The company gives shareholder Ripple’s XRP every 6 month.


7874 LEC
The company gives shareholder its original gift.


You Can Check How Varieties of Shareholder perks are existed


4. Summary

Shareholder perks are a great way to reward shareholder loyalty. There are various forms such as cashback, coupons, discount cards, etc. If you are a shareholder of a Japanese company, please register and take advantage of the benefits.


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