Motsunabe : a type of Japanese hotpot with intestines or stomach of an animal

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What is Motsunabe?

Motsunabe is a type of Japanese hotpot.

Motsu means the intestines or stomach of an animal, meaning “innards” or “grilled meat”.

Nabe is the pot in which the dish is prepared. In other words, motsunabe is a hot pot dish that uses animal intestines and stomachs.

Motsunabe originated in Fukuoka prefecture in Kyushu.

It is said that fishermen used fish intestines as ingredients for hot pot.

Motsunabe is now a staple winter dish in Japan. It is often made at home and served in restaurants.

There are various ways to cook motsunabe.

Intestines from cows, pigs, and chickens are also sometimes used.

Add vegetables and other ingredients to the pot and bring to a boil.

Miso and soy sauce are commonly used in the soup.

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What Makes Motsunabe a Delicious and Nutritious Winter Dish?

Motsunabe is a delicious and nutritious winter dish.

Good-quality protein is contained in the intestines of the animal that is the material.

You can get vitamins and minerals from vegetables.

Soups made with miso or soy sauce are also highly nutritious.

In addition, the motsunabe is voluminous.

Perfect for your winter table. It is often eaten with rice or noodles.

It is also a filling dish.

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How to make motsunabe at home

Making motsunabe at home is very easy.

Any part of the intestine or stomach of an animal is fine.

Cow, pig, and chicken intestines are common ingredients.

A soup is made by putting vegetables and other ingredients in a pot and simmering them.

Miso and soy sauce are commonly used.

If you use miso, you need to dissolve the miso in water before adding it to the pot.

If you use soy sauce, you can put it directly into the pot.

When the soup is ready, put the intestines and vegetables into the pot.

It is commonly eaten with rice or noodles.

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Delicious restaurants in Tokyo

If you are looking for a delicious motsunabe restaurant in Tokyo, we recommend the following three restaurants.


Made with 100% domestic beef small intestine, which is said to be the most delicious motsu.

The creamy deliciousness that can only be enjoyed by boldly cutting the rare parts.

Please enjoy the sweetness and umami that spreads in your mouth, and the plump texture with just the right amount of crunch.


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