You Must See Sightseeing places to visit in Shinjuku, Tokyo Area

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Overview of Shinjuku

Shinjuku is one of Tokyo’s 23 wards and the core of the world’s most populous metropolitan area.

It is the center of business, politics, and culture in Japan, and is home to various industries ranging from finance, media, and technology to fashion, entertainment, and gourmet.

It’s also a tourist hub, with historic sites, museums, shopping, nightlife and attractions.

Shinjuku, a leader in the creative and digital industries, offers contemporary art fans and foreign tourists a wealth of public art and galleries, culture shops, bookstores, live music venues, modern and traditional gardens, and even an area dedicated to internet production. and so on.

In addition, various international conferences, conventions and events are held in Shinjuku, attracting various organizations from all over the world.

Home to many of Tokyo’s most valuable landmarks, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, at 664m, is one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Shinjuku is an internationally renowned entertainment and leisure center.

It also has many high-end gardens, shopping malls, and transportation such as buses, trains, and bullet trains.

In addition to tourism, the area is also rich in educational institutions such as elementary, junior and senior high schools, and universities, making it a thriving academic area. A town where various cultures and values coexist. it is best way to get around tokyo, It is also enjoyable for solo trip to tokyo

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Famous Park

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden : a large public park located Shinjuku, Tokyo

Shinjuku Central Park : Next to Hyatt Regency Tokyo, Park Hyatt Tokyo, and TOKYO Metroporitan Government

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Famous Shopping Place

Shopping District near Isetan

Around Isetan, there are a lot of shops. You can enjoy to find brand, Japanese goods, etc.

If You would like to buy sporting goods, big shopping store Alpen is now open

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Enjoy Japanese Food

Shinjuku has Yokocho which is gourmet street that you can enjoy varieties of Japanese food

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Famous Hotel

Park Hyatt Tokyo : a hideaway for adults away from the hustle and bustle of the big city

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