State Guest House, Akasaka Palace

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The State Guest House Akasaka Palace is a facility operated by the Japanese government. Located in Akasaka, Tokyo, it was built in 1974. The State Guest House is used as a lodging facility for national dignitaries of the Japanese government and guests from abroad.





History of Akasaka Palace

The State Guest House Akasaka Palace was built in 1909 as the Crown Prince’s Palace, and is the only neo-baroque palace building in Japan. It is a building that brought together the collective strengths of the Japanese architecture, art, and craft worlds at the time, and shows the achievement of full-fledged modern Western-style architecture in the Meiji period. Ten years after World War II, Japan returned to the international community, and as the number of distinguished guests from foreign countries increased, large-scale renovations were carried out to make it a national reception facility, and a new Japanese-style annex was established. In 1974, it embarked on a new journey as the current State Guest House, and continues to this day. After that, in 2009, after the large-scale renovation work, it was designated as a national treasure as one of the representative works of Japanese architecture.



How to use Akasaka Palace

In addition to welcoming many kings, presidents and prime ministers, it is also used as a venue for international conferences such as summit meetings of major countries.


Visiting Akasaka Palace

Visit routes opened to the public include (1) Main Building/Garden (Main Garden and Front Garden), (2) Japanese Style Annex/Main Building/Garden, (3) Japanese Style Annex/Garden, and (4) Garden.

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