Huge new store of Alpen, a sporting goods specialty store, Alpen Tokyo at Shinjuku area

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Alpen is a famous sporting goods store in Japan and recently opened a huge store in Shinjuku.

This is the best place to buy sporting goods, as you can compare and purchase the products you want all at once.

This time, we will introduce how to enjoy the new Alpine Tokyo ( Shinjuku ) store. Please fully enjoy the charm of the convenient new store.

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1. History and Overview of the Sporting Goods Store Alpen

Alpen is a sporting goods store founded in Japan in 1950.

Since its inception, the company has been providing high-quality sporting goods to athletes and enthusiasts.

In recent years, we have opened stores in the United States, China, South Korea, and other countries, expanding our business globally.

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2. Location of Alpine Tokyo ( Shinjuku )

The Alpine Tokyo ( Shinjuku ) store is located in the center of Tokyo, making it easily accessible not only for those who live in Tokyo but also for those who visit Tokyo.

Opened in the Yunika Building at Shinjuku East Exit. This is the largest flagship store in the history of the Alpen Group.

Various sporting goods are displayed and sold on all 10 floors from B2F to 8F.

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3. Highlights of the new Alpen Tokyo store

Shinsei Alpen Tokyo Store is one of the largest sporting goods stores in Japan. We have a wide range of sporting goods from golf equipment to bicycles.

8F ski/snowboard
7F Golf clubs / Used clubs / Golf balls / Hard accessories
6F golf apparel / golf shoes
5F Camp Brand Corner
4F camping equipment
3F outdoor apparel/fitness/ladies’ apparel/kids’ apparel
2F soccer/men’s apparel
1F Running/Basketball
B1F tennis / badminton / table tennis / volleyball / swimming

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4. Conclusion

The new Alpen Tokyo store is the perfect place to shop for sporting goods.

Whether you’re a sports fan or just want to explore, this store is the place for you. Next time you’re in Tokyo, be sure to check out the new Alpine Shinjuku store.

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