Japan’s unique “all-you-can-drink” culture and how to enjoy it

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Guidelines for enjoying Japan’s all-you-can-drink culture

If you want to travel to Japan and discover a unique lifestyle, one way is to experience the all-you-can-drink culture.

This time, we will introduce the guidelines for participating in the “all-you-can-drink” plan. Discover this practical, cost-effective way to enjoy drinks with friends and colleagues. Let’s read it now.

“All-You-Can-Drink” Whiskey Bar – $5.00 for 60 minutes

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Overview of all-you-can-drink plans in Japan

All-you-can-drink plans in Japan are a great way to enjoy sake with friends, colleagues, and family.

This is a highly cost-effective method, especially when used by a large number of people.

This plan usually includes all-you-can-drink beer, shochu, cocktails, and soft drinks for 1-2 hours.

It may vary depending on the store. Prices vary depending on the type of drink.

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Dress code for all-you-can-drink venues

It is important to follow the dress code at all-you-can-drink venues.

Casual attire is common, but some venues may require formal attire.

It is important to check the dress code before booking. Entry may be refused if the dress code is not followed.

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Rules and etiquette at all-you-can-drink venues

When participating in an all-you-can-drink plan, it is important to understand manners.

For example, it is good manners to say thank you when someone pours you a drink.

It is also important to drink responsibly so as not to overdose. Everyone should be aware of their limits.

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All-you-can-drink plan utilization points

The all-you-can-drink plan is a great way to enjoy alcohol on a budget.

To get the most out of this plan, distribute drinks evenly among group members.

If you can’t finish it, close the bottle partially or ask a trusted companion to take it home. Be friendly, pour others a drink and enjoy the experience.

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Whether for work or sightseeing, all-you-can-drink plans are a great way to experience a uniquely Japanese lifestyle.

If you follow the guidelines above, you should have a comfortable and fulfilling experience. have fun.

(Reference) Why did the all-you-can-drink culture take root in Japan?

Japan is an ethnically homogeneous country with a long tradition of socializing over food and drink.

As far back as the Edo period, Japanese people are said to be fond of sake, and culture has developed around this.

As a result, the culture of ‘all-you-can-drink’ has developed as a social gathering place.

The country’s homogeneity, shared economic status, and social norms have made drinking a major part of gatherings.

Drinking is part of the casual atmosphere in many social settings, with a distinction between formal and informal settings.

Drinking also expresses the trust and familiarity of the people present.

Furthermore, the country’s geography has also contributed to the development of the ‘all-you-can-drink’ culture.

There are many mountains and islands, and they are located relatively close to each other.

As a result, travelers stopped regularly to rest, refuel, and drink. For this reason, many restaurants have created all-you-can-drink plans.

In particular, among the merchants, all-you-can-drink alcohol became available, and Japan’s “all-you-can-drink culture” was born.

In the 19th century, when prohibition laws were enforced in some states in the United States, many Japanese immigrants brought back this all-you-can-drink culture, spurring its establishment in Japan.

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