Toyosu Area : Office, Residence, Shopping and Enterteinment City

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Toyosu is a relatively new area of Tokyo and is becoming increasingly popular with tourists.

This time, we will introduce how to fully enjoy Toyosu.

We will introduce how to enjoy Toyosu, including shopping, gourmet food, and entertainment. Please use it as a reference and enjoy Toyosu like a tourist.


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1. History and Overview of Toyosu

The name Toyosu comes from the Toyosu River, which originally flowed through this area.

However, due to redevelopment in 1927, it was renamed “Toyosu”.

Toyosu is located in Koto Ward, Tokyo, on the southeastern edge of Tokyo.

The area offers a wide variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Toyosu is also home to the Tokyo International Exhibition Hall, where various events are held throughout the year.

Walk Around Toyosu

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2. Shopping at Toyosu

There are various shops and malls in Toyosu, making it a great place for shopping.

LaLaport Toyosu
A shopping mall near Toyosu Station. It houses a huge 12-screen movie theater.

Harumi Triton Square
Complex commercial facilities and residential complexes centered on office buildings.

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3. Toyosu gourmet

Toyosu has a variety of restaurants and is a great place to dine.

In this area, there are many restaurants where you can enjoy cuisine from all over the world as well as Japanese restaurants.

If you want a quick meal, be sure to check out Toyosu’s fast food restaurants.

These restaurants offer a variety of fast food such as burgers and pizza.

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4. Entertainment in Toyosu

Toyosu has many entertainment facilities. It’s not just cinemas, bars, clubs and restaurants.

teamLab Planets TOKYO : the first digital art museum to open in Tokyo

KidZania Tokyo : Town where children play the leading role

Toyosu Fisheries Market : an alternative fish market moved from the world-famous Tsukiji fish market

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5. Other ways to enjoy Toyosu

In addition to the above activities, Toyosu offers a variety of ways to enjoy yourself.

There are many parks such as Toyosu Park.

Sightseeping Spot


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