Why International Tourists Should Visit Haneda Airport Garden

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Haneda Airport Garden is a multifaceted commercial complex located in Ota Ward, Tokyo, right by Haneda Airport.

Developed by Sumitomo Realty, it’s seamlessly connected to Haneda Airport’s Terminal 3 via a direct walkway, making it incredibly accessible for travelers.

This establishment boasts a range of facilities including hotels, commercial spaces, a thermal bath facility, MICE facilities (known as “Bellesalle”), and a bus terminal.

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Activities to Enjoy at Haneda Airport Garden

Hotel Villa Fontaine Haneda

Operated by Sumitomo Realty’s Villa Fontaine, this hotel offers a blend of luxury and high-grade accommodations tailored to every traveler’s needs.

Izumi Tenku no Yu Haneda

A natural hot spring facility where visitors can indulge in open-air baths, stone saunas, and traditional saunas, providing a perfect relaxation spot after a long flight.

Bellesalle Haneda

Directly connected to Haneda Airport, this MICE facility offers spacious halls and meeting rooms suitable for various events and conferences.

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Dining Options at Haneda Airport Garden

Within the Shopping City Haneda Airport Garden, you’ll find diverse dining and shopping zones:

Haneda Food Selection

A delightful array of restaurants and food courts offering a taste of both local and international cuisines.

Japan Promenade

A shopping area showcasing Japan’s finest products and souvenirs.

Haneda Omotesando

A go-to spot for souvenirs and travel essentials.

Haneda Collection

A fashion hub with a variety of trendy shops and boutiques.

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Accessing Haneda Airport Garden from the Airport

The convenience of Haneda Airport Garden is unparalleled, thanks to its direct connection to Haneda Airport’s Terminal 3.

It’s situated just a stone’s throw away from the Keikyu and Tokyo Monorail’s Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station.

Haneda Airport Garden is an enticing destination not just for domestic visitors but also for international tourists.

Whether you have a layover, are waiting for your next flight, or are exploring Tokyo, make sure to drop by and experience what it has to offer.


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