Discover the New Jewel of Tokyo: Toyosu Market’s “Senkyakubanrai” Opens February 1, 2024

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Tokyo is a city that never stops evolving, and its culinary landscape is no exception.

On February 1, 2024, a new chapter in this vibrant city’s gastronomic story begins with the grand opening of “Senkyakubanrai” at Toyosu Market, Tokyo’s state-of-the-art food market.

This new commercial facility promises to be a magnet for food enthusiasts and tourists alike, offering a unique blend of traditional flavors and modern convenience. Official Web

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A Glimpse into Senkyakubanrai: A Hub of Gastronomy and Culture

“Senkyakubanrai” is not just a market; it’s a celebration of Japan’s rich culinary heritage.

Situated adjacent to the Toyosu Market, this new addition aims to capture the essence of the old Tsukiji Market’s lively atmosphere while introducing a modern twist. Here’s what makes Senkyakubanrai a must-visit destination:

  • Edo-Style Architecture: The design of Senkyakubanrai pays homage to the historic streets of Edo, offering visitors a journey back in time.
  • Gourmet Haven: From sushi to unagi, the food stalls and restaurants within Senkyakubanrai will serve up authentic Edo-mae cuisine, made with the freshest ingredients sourced directly from Toyosu Market.
  • Local Favorites: Alongside traditional fare, expect to find popular local eateries from the Koto district, each bringing their unique flavors to the table.
  • Relaxation with a View: The “Senkyakubanrai Footbath Garden” on the 8th floor offers a serene spot to relax and soak in panoramic views of Toyosu, all for free.
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Toyosu vs. Tsukiji: Understanding the Difference

For many visitors, the distinction between Toyosu and the iconic Tsukiji Market might be a tad confusing. Here’s a quick breakdown to clarify:

  • Tsukiji Market: Known as the world’s largest wholesale fish market for many years, Tsukiji was beloved for its vibrant, bustling atmosphere and delicious street food. Even though the wholesale market moved to Toyosu in 2018, Tsukiji’s outer market remains a popular spot, teeming with shops and restaurants that continue to draw food lovers from around the globe.
  • Toyosu Market: Opened in 2018, Toyosu Market is the modern successor to Tsukiji, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities designed to maintain the highest standards of food safety and efficiency. While it serves primarily as a wholesale market, Toyosu also features observation decks for visitors and a growing number of dining options, enhancing its appeal as a tourist destination.

With the opening of “Senkyakubanrai,” Toyosu Market is set to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, offering a comprehensive experience that honors Tokyo’s culinary history while embracing the future.

Whether you’re a long-time Tokyo visitor or exploring the city for the first time, the launch of Senkyakubanrai at Toyosu Market is an event you won’t want to miss.

It’s an opportunity to witness firsthand the vibrant heart of Tokyo’s food culture, where every bite tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and the city’s ever-evolving taste.


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