KidZania Tokyo : Town where children play the leading role

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Features of KidZania Tokyo

This time, we will introduce the features of KidZania Tokyo.

If you are planning a trip to Tokyo with small children, please use this as a reference.

You can see how popular it is with families. Let’s start planning your trip to KidZania Tokyo.

KidZania is a “town where children play the leading role” where they can learn about the structure of society while having fun.

There are about 100 types of jobs and services that you can experience!

Using full-fledged equipment and tools, children can experience various jobs and services like adults.


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KidZania Tokyo Activities

In addition to attractions, KidZania Tokyo offers a variety of activities. From learning to fly an airplane to becoming a firefighter, your child can experience a variety of careers.

Below are some of the activities at KidZania Tokyo.

-Flying an airplane Flying an airplane: At KidZania Tokyo, you can learn how to fly an airplane. You can sit in the cockpit and experience what it’s like to be a pilot.

– Become a Firefighter Firefighter: Your child can become a firefighter at KidZania Tokyo. Firefighter: Your child can also become a firefighter at KidZania Tokyo.

– Acting Actor: You can experience the work of an actor at KidZania Tokyo. You can also audition and perform on stage.

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Other services of KidZania Tokyo


You can enjoy tea and meals at the table seats prepared in the facility.

There are Pizarra Express, RF1, Mos Burger, Schau Essen, and payment is cash, credit card, electronic money, etc., not KidZania’s exclusive currency “KidZo”.


We sell original KidZania products. We have a wide selection of souvenirs that can only be purchased here, so please enjoy your shopping.


A dedicated photographer takes pictures of the children experiencing the activities. Photos are available for purchase on site.

Note: Native language is Japanese at Kidzania. If you cannot speak Japanese, there are some English Programs…

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