Asakusa and Sensoji

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Asakusa is a historical tourist spot in Tokyo that is perfect for experiencing good old Japan. Asakusa is known for its many temples and shrines, as well as its traditional shopping streets. This time, we will introduce the history and various charms of Asakusa. We will also introduce how to get to Asakusa. Read on to find out more about this amazing place.



1.History of Asakusa

Asakusa has a long history and is full of stories. The area was first inhabited in the 6th century and quickly became an important center of trade and commerce. In the 8th century, a temple was built on this site, and it came to be called Senso-ji. The temple was destroyed in the 11th century but rebuilt in the 16th century. Since then, Asakusa has become an important center of Tokyo life.


2. Various Charms of Asakusa

Asakusa has various attractions. The most famous is Senso-ji, one of Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temples. There is a large shopping street called Nakamise around this temple. Nakamise is a great place to look for traditional Japanese souvenirs. Asakusa is also home to the tallest building in Japan, the Tokyo Skytree. The Skytree observatory offers stunning views of Tokyo.


Asakusa Tour


3. Reasons to Visit Asakusa

Asakusa is a great place to visit for many reasons. The area is rich in history and culture, with something for everyone. Asakusa is the perfect place to buy souvenirs, go sightseeing, or take a leisurely stroll.


4. How to get to Asakusa

Asakusa is located in the center of Tokyo. The easiest way is to take the subway. Asakusa Station is on the Ginza Line and connects to major areas in Tokyo.



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