3395 Saint Marc HD Shareholder Benefits 20% OFF when using Saint Marc Cafe at any time Great deals and savings if you use it frequently

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3395 Saint Marc HD shareholder benefits… have arrived.


If you own 100 shares or more, you will receive a shareholder special card that can be used for one year after ex-rights in March.


Enjoy 20% off your meal at most stores

Bakery Restaurant Saint Marc20%
Saint Marc Cafe20%
bakery restaurant bucket20%
bread garden20%
Kamakura Pasta20%
Ishiyaki Gohan Club20%
Ishiyaki Chahan Ten20%
Taiwan Syoronpow20%
Olive Chao20%
Kobe Motomachi Dria20%
Kurashiki Coffee20%
Sushi HakodateIchiba10%


You can get 20% off when you use Saint Marc Cafe at any time, so it is recommended for those who use the cafe frequently.

A cup of coffee and a chocolate croissant are just over 400 yen, so you can enjoy 20% off for around 350 yen every day.


Saint Marc Cafe is reasonably priced, but the cafe space is a little narrow, but if you go frequently, it’s easier to use than a cafe that takes up a lot of space and costs a lot.

There are various ways to use it, such as taking a break from work or using it as a place for remote work.


Shareholder perks : Japanese original way




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