DOM DOM Buerger : Japan’s first hamburger chain

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The hamburger chain “Dom Dom Burger” is Japan’s first hamburger chain, with the exception of A&W, which opened in 1963 in Okinawa Prefecture under American rule. The company was founded in February 1970.

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1) History of “Dom Dom Burger”

Nakauchi, the founder of the general merchandise store Daiei, founded the business.

In February 1970, Japan’s first hamburger shop was opened in front of the Daiei Haramachida store in Machida, Tokyo.

There are twists and turns, and it is currently operated by the Rembrandt Group.

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2) Products of “Dom Dom Burger”

In the past, it offered a variety of menus, including meat burgers, and all-you-can-drink hot coffee for 190 yen and ice cream for 220 yen.

Recently, it is famous for its outstanding products.

Burgers with a whole soft shell crab have become very popular. (Limited time offer, currently not on sale)

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3) A major reformer with a general housewife becoming president

Ms. Shinobu Fujisaki has supported the recent popularity of Dom Dom Burger.

In 2005, her husband, Shigetake Fujisaki, ran for a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, but was unsuccessful. Joined Boutique Yamatoya Co., Ltd. (a boutique in Shibuya 109), which was run by a friend’s mother, as a store manager. After that, he was appointed as Managing Director.

2010 Retired from Boutique Yamatoya. Worked as a part-time clerk at a small restaurant in the New Shimbashi Building.

March 22, 2011 Opened Izakaya Soraki in the New Shimbashi Building.

2017 Joined Rembrandt Investment Co., Ltd. Seconded to Dom Dom Food Service Co., Ltd.

2018 Appointed CEO of Dom Dom Food Service Co., Ltd. He made remarkable achievements in a short period of time and became famous for many interviews.

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