Osechi a Japanese food culture eaten on New Year’s Day

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1. What is Osechi?

Osechi is a Japanese food culture eaten on New Year’s Day.

Various traditional Japanese dishes are served in a large bento box. If you spend New Year’s in Japan, you definitely want to eat osechi.

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2. The history of Osechi

Osechi has a long history in Japan.

It is said to have started in the Heian period (794-1185).

At that time, osechi was eaten only among aristocrats.

After that, in the Edo period (1603-1868), osechi became popular among the common people as well.

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3. How to make osechi

Osechi is made by cooking various traditional Japanese dishes.

Typical dishes include ozoni, kamaboko, and datemaki.

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4. New Year dishes you want to try at least once

If you spend New Year’s in Japan, you’ll want to try New Year’s dishes at least once.

Here are some popular New Year dishes.

Ozoni: Soup with rice cake

Ozoni is a traditional Japanese soup eaten with rice cakes on New Year’s Day.

Depending on the region, the soup stock, ingredients, and how to make ozoni vary, and the flavor also varies.

In many cases, it is made by adding various ingredients such as fish, vegetables, and seaweed to clear soup stock.

It is also often eaten with condiments such as daikon radish and shiso leaves.

Ozoni is one of the osechi dishes eaten on New Year’s Day and is believed to bring good luck and blessings for the year.


Kamaboko, also known as surimi or tsujikiri, is an iconic and deliciously firm modern food found in Japan, Korea, and China.

It is a seafood paste product made by mixing seasonings and binders with white fish such as walleye and hake.

White-fleshed fish such as pollock and hake are mixed with seasonings and binders, formed into a specific shape such as a cylinder or rectangle, and eaten by boiling, grilling, or steaming.

This traditional delicacy comes in many varieties and is often used as an ingredient in various dishes.

It is an indispensable ingredient in Japanese cuisine such as sushi, soups, noodles, and snacks. Kamaboko can be purchased at most supermarkets, specialty stores, and convenience stores.

Rolled Omelet : Datemaki

Datemaki is a traditional Japanese dish eaten on New Year’s Day.

Ingredients such as eggs and kamaboko are rolled into a log, wrapped in seaweed and steamed.

It is loved by many families for its unique flavor and texture with a hint of sweetness. Datemaki is considered a symbol of good luck and wealth because of its traditional materials.

That’s why I try to make things that look as stylish and attractive as possible.

Family members work together to prepare cutting boards, mortars, egg whites, etc., and it is popular with men and women of all ages, but some people buy ready-made ones from the market.

Either way, Datemaki remains an important and respected dish in Japanese culture.

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If you spend New Year’s in Japan, you definitely want to eat osechi. You can try various traditional Japanese dishes.

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Where can I buy Osechi?

You can easily buy it at supermarkets at the end of December.

High-end New Year dishes can be ordered on Amazon, etc.

Oshogatsu : Japanese New Year Tradition

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