Japanese low-carb alcohol Shochu

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Shochu is a traditional Japanese distilled spirit made from rice, barley, sweet potatoes, brown sugar, or other ingredients.

It is especially popular among health-conscious individuals and those on a diet due to its low carbohydrate content.

Shochu captivates enthusiasts both domestically and internationally with its unique production methods and rich flavors.

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How to make and drink shochu

Shochu is produced by fermenting the raw material to create alcohol, which is then distilled. This distillation process is what gives shochu its low-carb characteristic.

Additionally, shochu can be enjoyed in various ways, including mixed with water or hot water (known as “mizuwari” and “oyuwari” respectively), on the rocks, or even as a base for cocktails.

This versatility is one of the reasons why shochu is widely accepted by a broad audience.

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Enjoy Rice & Potato shochu with domestic ingredients

Shochu made from rice and sweet potatoes, in particular, often uses domestically produced ingredients and is highly regarded for its flavor and quality.

Rice shochu and sweet potato shochu each have their own unique characteristics, and pairing them with food can enhance their appeal.

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Rice Shochu

Rice shochu is characterized by the natural sweetness and delicate aroma of rice.

It is considered relatively easy to drink due to its gentle taste and clean aftertaste, making it enjoyable.

Rice shochu pairs well with all types of Japanese cuisine, but it is especially recommended with seafood such as sashimi and sushi.

The clean taste of rice shochu enhances the freshness of the fish, enriching the flavor of the meal even further.

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Sweet Potato Shochu

On the other hand, sweet potato shochu is known for its rich sweetness of sweet potatoes and a hint of earthiness.

Sweet potato shochu features a rich taste and aroma with depth, which enhances the flavor of dishes.

It is particularly recommended with flavorful dishes such as meat dishes, grilled fish, and stews.

Especially, pairing it with dishes that have a slightly stronger seasoning, like pork miso stew or charcoal-grilled chicken, can deepen the taste of the meal with the sweetness and aroma of sweet potato shochu.

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The unique flavors of rice and sweet potato shochu, combined with Japan’s seasonal ingredients, lead to the discovery of new tastes that are not found in sake.

Enjoying the pairing of shochu with seasonal dishes can make everyday dining experiences richer.

For foreign tourists, shochu offers an excellent opportunity to experience a facet of Japanese culture.

When visiting Japan, it is recommended to try various types of shochu at local izakayas or bars.

This allows one to enjoy the unique flavors and differences in taste based on the ingredients.

Choosing shochu as a souvenir is also a good idea. Bringing back traditional Japanese liquor home to share with family and friends allows for reliving the memories of the trip.


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