Tempura restaurant Makino, operated by Toridoll, which is famous for Marugame Seimen, is a cheap and delicious restaurant where you can enjoy freshly made food

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Introduction to culinary characteristics of tempura

Have you ever eaten tempura in Japan? It is undoubtedly one of the classic Japanese dishes that is popular with both foreign tourists and locals.

This time, we will introduce the basics of tempura, such as the characteristics of tempura, how to make it at home, and how to choose a restaurant.

Let’s explore why tempura has become such a popular Japanese food and what are the characteristics of tempura. Let’s dive right into the world of tempura.

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What is tempura?

Tempura is a type of deep-fried dish that includes vegetables, seafood, or both.

They are coated in a light batter made from flour, baking soda, starch and cold water and quickly fried in vegetable oil.

The batter protects the ingredients from absorbing too much oil, and is characterized by its crisp texture and light, delicate taste.

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Characteristics of tempura cooking

Tempura is a typical Japanese dish that has been perfected over a long period of time by skilled chefs.

The basics of tempura are the ingredients and the batter.

The success of tempura depends on a good balance between these two.

The clothing should be light, thin, and adhere to the material. There are quite a few chefs who put their own unique twists on the batter, such as adding cold water just before frying or dipping the batter twice.

In addition to the balance between batter and ingredients, tempura chefs also place importance on the type of oil.

Vegetable oil is the most popular way to make tempura fluffy.

Also, the oil must be warmed to the proper temperature before frying.

If the temperature of the oil is correct, the tempura will cook quickly and evenly, achieving a light and crispy texture.

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How to make tempura at home

It may seem difficult to make tempura at home, but it’s actually very easy and often tastes better than eating it at a restaurant.

To make tempura, first prepare the ingredients.

Slice the vegetables and remove the bones from the seafood and cut into bite-size pieces.

Once you have prepared the batter, put the flour, baking soda, potato starch, and cold water in a bowl and mix until well combined to make the batter.

Do not over mix, as the tempura will become hard.

When the batter is ready, heat the oil to the proper temperature.

Usually 350-375 degrees Fahrenheit. When the oil reaches the right temperature, lightly dip the ingredients into the batter and quickly and carefully drop them into the hot oil.

Fry until the tempura is golden brown. Check the temperature with a thermometer and fry in small batches for better results.

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Find a restaurant suitable for eating tempura

When looking for a restaurant that is suitable for eating tempura, it is important to find a restaurant that has a good reputation and adheres to the principles of tempura cooking.

Start by looking for restaurants that use the freshest ingredients and prepare the food the right way.

Furthermore, it is also important to have a store that properly manages the type and temperature of oil.

Famous tempura restaurants often have veteran chefs who have been making tempura for years.

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Tempura restaurant Makino is one of the best Tempra shops in Tokyo

Tempra Makino is a restaurant operated by Toridoll, which operates Marugame Seimen. It is one of the few restaurants where the chef serves freshly fried tempura. And it’s cheap, so you can enjoy it easily.

What I enjoyed the other day was the conger eel tempura set. The price is about 1800 yen.

They serve freshly made tempura every time.

You can have free refills of rice and salted squid for free, so you can enjoy the marriage of rice and salted fish.

Location in Tokyo

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Tempura is one of the most beloved Japanese dishes by locals and foreign tourists.

This delicious deep-fried dish is characterized by a perfect balance of batter and ingredients, and the oil must be cooked at the right temperature. I

f you follow these points, you can easily make tempura at home, and you can also find a tempura restaurant that serves delicious food.

The next time you feel like eating delicious Japanese food, please try tempura.

Tempura and Tendon : a dish in which seafood and vegetables are battered and deep-fried


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