Takanawa Hanakohro : Luxury Ryokan Style : Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Annex

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Prince Hotels is a Japanese hotel group operated by a subsidiary of Seibu Holdings.

In particular, Shinagawa is dotted with Prince Hotel brand hotels.

  • Shinagawa Prince Hotel
  • Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa
  • Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa
  • The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo
  • Takanawa Hanakohro


Among them, we recommend Takanawa Hanakohro [Japanese], which has only a dozen guest rooms and is based on the concept of a luxury inn. BOOK Hanakohro at Hotels.com…

Room is Japanese tranditional Tatami based.


If you stay at Hanakohro, in addition to the exclusive lounge, you can also use The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo “Executive Lounge”, Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa “Club Lounge Hana Miyabi”, and Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa “Club Lounge”.


Furthermore, there is a Japanese garden in front of you, so you can relax while walking around the park.


You can also see Japanese Bonsais


What is Bonsai ?

Bonsai now


You can also eat Japanese tranditional breakfast


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