The Hotel Situation in Japan: New Construction, Rising Prices, and Unique Offerings

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In Japan, there is currently a hotel construction boom happening with new hotels being built in various regions, making it possible to enjoy a comfortable stay in beautiful accommodations regardless of the location.

However, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the prices of hotels in Japan have risen compared to pre-pandemic levels.

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High-end hotels have seen an increase in prices of around 30%, while mid-range hotels have seen a rise of about 20% and low-priced hotels have experienced a more modest increase of about 5%.

This means that relatively low-priced hotels have not seen much of a price increase, making them a great opportunity for those who are looking for affordable accommodations.

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The average room rates for domestic hotels have increased, with high-end hotels being up to 30% more expensive than pre-pandemic rates. As travel restrictions ease and inbound tourism is expected to rise, the demand for travel has also increased, leading to an increase in room rates.

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Varieties of Hotel in Japan

In addition to the variety of accommodations offered in Japan, there are also unique hotels with distinctly Japanese features.

Some hotels offer Japanese gardens, while others provide hot springs (known as onsen) for guests to enjoy.

Of course, there are also hotels with an excellent selection of Japanese cuisine.

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It is important to choose a hotel that matches your interests and preferences, as there are so many options available in Japan.

Whether you are looking for a luxurious stay or a more affordable option, there is sure to be a hotel that meets your needs.


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