Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is a historic Japanese hotel with Japanese Garden

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Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is a historic Japanese hotel. Located in central Tokyo, it has a history of over 100 years. The hotel is known for its beautiful gardens, luxurious facilities and excellent service. If you are looking to stay in Tokyo, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is the perfect choice.


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1) History of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

In 1878, the Meiji Era, Prime Minister Yamagata Aritomo built a mansion and designed a garden in this area full of natural beauty. He called it Chinzanso. Moved by the ever-changing nature of the landscape as light and wind passed through the trees, he welcomed many visitors to his forested gardens to share the joy. This launched our tradition of warm hospitality.

140 years have passed and Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo continues to welcome guests from around the world to its landscaped gardens and facilities where world-class service, Japanese heritage and the natural blessings of the four seasons can be fully enjoyed.

*Our guests can experience a range of cuisines and different accomodation choices to find some peace and tranquility in the heart of the city.

Detail of the history…

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2) Garden at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

One of the most iconic features of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is its garden.

The garden has a beautiful pond. The beautifully landscaped gardens are the perfect place to relax.

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3) Facilities at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo offers a variety of facilities for its guests. The hotel has a pool, fitness center and spa. There is also a business center and a conference center.

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4) Stay at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

If you are staying at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, please use it.

There are various types of guest rooms, from standard rooms to suites.

The hotel also has a variety of restaurants, from Japanese to Western.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.

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If you want to stay in Tokyo, “Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo” is the best choice. The hotel has a variety of facilities including a pool and spa. In addition, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is located in the center of Tokyo and is a historic hotel. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is the ideal place for a relaxing vacation or business trip.

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