A convenience store : a small retail store that sells food, beverages, snacks, cigarettes, and other daily necessities

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A convenience store is a small retail store that sells food, beverages, snacks, cigarettes, and other daily necessities. They are usually open 24 hours a day and are located in busy areas such as train stations and shopping streets. Convenience stores are an essential part of everyday life in Japan, and you can find them on every street corner.


There are various convenience stores in Japan, but Lawson, Seven-Eleven, and Family Mart are the three major chains. Lawson was the first convenience store to open in Japan in 1975, followed by Seven-Eleven in 1981. FamilyMart opened its first store in 1986.


Convenience stores in Japan have something in common, such as long opening hours, a wide selection of products, and ATMs. Convenience stores are also bright and typically have large windows overlooking the store.


Japanese convenience stores are used for various purposes. Especially popular as a place to buy food and drink on the go. They also carry items such as cigarettes and lottery tickets that can be purchased at night when other stores are closed. Many convenience stores also have ATMs where you can withdraw cash.


Convenience stores play an important role in Japanese society. It’s convenient for buying daily necessities, and it’s open 24 hours a day, so it’s convenient for people who work night shifts or have irregular hours. Convenience stores are also often used as meeting places for friends and family.
Convenience stores are an integral part of Japanese society. It’s convenient, open 24 hours, and has a wide variety of products. If you are planning a trip to Japan, please stop by a convenience store and experience the convenience and convenience of Japanese culture.

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