Valentine’s Day in Tokyo: A Unique Blend of Tradition and Trends

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Experiencing Valentine’s Day in Tokyo offers a unique opportunity to immerse in Japanese culture while indulging in the latest trends.

Introduced in the 1950s by Japanese chocolate companies, Valentine’s Day in Japan has become a day for women to express their gratitude and affection towards men.

The tradition includes two types of chocolates: ‘Giri-choco’ and ‘Honmei-choco’. Giri-choco, often given to colleagues and acquaintances, symbolizes respect and gratitude, whereas Honmei-choco, given to a special someone, represents deeper, romantic feelings.

Recently, the chocolate industry in Japan has been innovating with new flavors, formats, and functionalities.

March 14th marks ‘White Day’, a day when men reciprocate the gifts received on Valentine’s Day. Common gifts include white chocolates, white scarves, accessories, and silver jewelry, typically themed around the color white.

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Valentine’s Day Events at Ginza’s Department Stores

Ginza hosts special events to celebrate Valentine’s Day, perfect for those visiting Tokyo.

Matsuya Ginza: “Ginza Valentine World 2024” Feb 2nd – Feb 14th

Matsuya Ginza’s “Ginza Valentine World 2024” is a special event showcasing a wide range of chocolates and sweets.

Highlights include premium Italian chocolates, products from Japanese chocolatiers using unique cocoa flavors, and chocolates with distinctive designs. This event is ideal for those seeking something special for Valentine’s Day.

Ginza Mitsukoshi: “Ginza Sweets Collection 2024” Feb 1st – Feb 14th

Ginza Mitsukoshi’s “Ginza Sweets Collection 2024” focuses on the theme ‘along with emotions’, featuring chocolates with beautiful appearances, aromatic fragrances, and rich flavors.

The event showcases various chocolates, including celebration gift boxes from Italian heritage brands, creative offerings from Barcelona patisseries, and Japanese bonbons with rich flavors.

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How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day in Tokyo

To fully enjoy Valentine’s Day in Tokyo, visiting these events is highly recommended. Experience the traditions of Japanese Valentine’s Day while exploring the latest chocolate trends.

These events at Ginza’s department stores are not to be missed by chocolate and sweets enthusiasts, offering a perfect opportunity to find a special gift for your loved ones.


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