Analysis of cafe restaurants in Japan

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A cafe-restaurant is a type of restaurant where customers can order food and drink. The café restaurant is different from other restaurants in that it has a casual atmosphere and a wide variety of food and drink. Cafe restaurants are very popular in Japan and can be found in most cities.

Japanese café restaurants differ from overseas café restaurants in several ways. One of them is the size of the store. In Japan, cafe restaurants are usually much smaller than in other countries. This is because space is very limited in Japan and most people live in small apartments. Therefore, they often eat out and prefer small restaurants.

Another difference between cafe restaurants in Japan and overseas is the type of food served. Snacks such as sandwiches, salads, and pastries are common in Japanese café restaurants. We also have a large selection of hot and cold beverages. On the other hand, cafe restaurants overseas often serve heavy meals such as hamburgers and French fries.

Cafe restaurants have been popular in Japan for a long time. However, it started to become mainstream in the 1980s. Before that, most Japanese ate only at traditional Japanese restaurants.

One of the most popular cafe restaurants in Japan is Tully’s Coffee. Tully’s Coffee was founded in Seattle, USA in 1992 and opened its first cafe in Japan in 1995. Tully’s Coffee is known for its large selection of coffee drinks and its laid-back and welcoming atmosphere.

Another popular cafe restaurant in Japan is Starbucks. Starbucks was founded in Seattle, USA in 1971 and opened its first cafe in Japan in 1996. Starbucks is known for its wide selection of coffees and its stylish, modern atmosphere.

Cafe restaurants play an important role in Japanese culture. A cafe restaurant is a place for people to relax and socialize. It is also popular as a place for young people to meet and date.

The cafe-restaurant is the perfect place to spend a rainy day. There is a wide variety of food and drinks, and the atmosphere is more casual than other restaurants. If you think about how to spend a rainy day, a cafe restaurant is the best option.


Popular Cafe Restaurants in Japan

SWOT analysis and Segumentation, Targetting, and positioning and 4P Basis information

BrandPlaces in JapanCompanyPriceDifferentiation
Starbucks1,727starbucks Japan owned by StarbucksHighLuxury, Relux Space
Doutor Coffee1,065DOUTOR NICHIRES Holdings Co., Ltd.Lowlow price strategy
Komeda Coffee950Komeda HoldingsHighRelux Space and Feeling satisfied with the amount of food
Tully’s Coffee700Tully’s Coffee Japan owned by ItoenHighLuxury, Relux Space
Saint Marc Cafe413Saint Marc HoldingsMediumFeaturing in-store freshly baked bread
Coffee KAN207C-UnitedHighIn-house prepared food such as pancakes
Pronto348Pronto owned by Suntory and UCC UESHIMA COFFEEMediumIn the evening, you can enjoy alcohol as a bar
CAFÉ de CRIÉ199Pokka CreateMediumExtensive food menu centered on pasta
Cafe Veroce158C-UnitedLowlow price strategy
EXCELSIOR CAFFE124DOUTOR NICHIRES Holdings Co., Ltd.HighLuxury, Relux Space
Ginza Renoir102Ginza RenoirHighProviding a sense of openness by using space luxuriously
Ueshima Coffee91UCC UESHIMA COFFEEHighLuxury, Relux Space



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