Oden Japanese Tranditional Food

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What is oden?

Oden is a Japanese dish with ingredients such as kamaboko, radish, boiled eggs, and konnyaku. Many of them are simmered in dashi stock, soy sauce, and mirin. It is common to eat it during the cold season from autumn to winter.


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Origin of Oden

The exact origin of oden is unknown, but China is believed to be its birthplace. It is believed that it was introduced to Japan during the Nara period (710-794). During the Nara period, Japan had a close relationship with China, so oden was introduced to Japan. However, it wasn’t until the Edo period that oden became popular in Japan.


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The reason why oden became so popular in Japan

There are several reasons why oden became so popular in Japan during the Edo period. One is that oden can be made relatively cheaply. I was able to make oden with cheap ingredients such as radish and kamaboko. As such, it has become a popular dish among the lower and middle classes. In addition, the Edo period was a peaceful time, and there was free time. Oden became a popular dish to make at home and to eat with friends.


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Oden of the day

Oden is still a popular dish in Japan today. You can get it at supermarkets and convenience stores. It is often eaten as a comfort food, especially in cold weather. If you come to Japan, please try eating oden at least once.


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