Amazing Italian Restaurant Saizeriya

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Saizeriya is a popular restaurant chain in Japan that offers a wide variety of Italian dishes at affordable prices. We have over 1,000 stores nationwide. Saizeriya is well known for its friendly service and hearty dishes, making it a popular choice for casual dining.

In addition to the extensive menu, most of the dishes are reasonably priced under 1,000 yen. It’s especially popular with families and young people looking for casual, reasonably priced meals. Saizeriya has become a staple of Japanese restaurants and is loved by many for its delicious food and warm service.

You must order most famous “Milanese doria” which is quite rich taste & cheap!


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How Low Cost Products are come true ?

Why is Saizeriya’s products able to maintain low prices?

One reason is that the menu is very limited. There are only 32 items on the menu, all of which are designed to be reasonably priced.

In addition, Saizeriya keeps costs down by procuring ingredients locally and standardizing them.

Finally, Saizeriya’s business model consists of simple interiors and layouts for all stores.

As a result, overhead costs can be kept low.


Locations near centre of Tokyo


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