Imperial Palace

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The grounds of the Imperial Palace extend over a wide area of ​​Tokyo, including the plaza in front of the Imperial Palace, Kitanomaru Park, and the Kuninomiya residence (between the Emperor’s office and the audience).

The buildings of the Imperial Palace are mainly made of wood and have tiled roofs. There are traditional Japanese-style buildings such as the main gate and front gate, as well as modern buildings such as the Imperial Household Government Building.

The Imperial Palace is a very symbolic and important place for Japan. It is used for various events and ceremonies, including the Emperor’s Birthday.

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Around Imperial Palace


Tokyo Midtown Hibiya is a large-scale commercial facility located in the center of the Hibiya business district in Tokyo. The facility includes office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, museums, parks, and event spaces. The complex is located in Hibiya Park, the former site of Tokyo’s preemptive air defense system.

Inside the building


Ginza is a district in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, south of Yaesu and north of Kyobashi. The area is popular for shopping, dining and entertainment. It is known for its high-end fashion boutiques, department stores, museums and restaurants.

Ginza was born in 1612 as a town for minting silver coins. The name Ginza comes from the silver coin mint that used to be located here (now the location of the Bank of Japan). The Great Fire of Meireki in 1657 destroyed most of the buildings in this area. It was rebuilt in the late 1660s and renamed ‘Ginza’ in 1668, meaning ‘Silver Mint’.

In the latter half of the 19th century, Ginza became a prime residential and commercial area for Tokyo’s nobility and bourgeoisie. It was also the center of nightlife, lined with high-end restaurants, theaters, and geisha houses. It was devastated by the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and the Tokyo air raids during World War II. It was rebuilt after the war and has been a major commercial center since the 1950s.

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