Oreno series Restaurants in Tokyo set up an unprecedented business that achieved both “luxury cuisine” and “low prices”

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Oreno[Japanese]” restaurants offers Italian, Spanish and Japanese cuisine at reasonable prices.

It set up an unprecedented business that achieved both “luxury cuisine” and “low prices” and achieved great success.


Most thses restaurants are located near Shinbashi Station, Yurakucho Station, Tokyo Station, or Ginza area.

You can choose French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese Yakiniku, Oden, etc.


Oreno French and Italian Review YouTube


Oreno Restaurant Business Model

Don’t be afraid to spend money on expensive ingredients
In the food and beverage industry, it is common sense that the cost of food ingredients should be kept within 30% of sales. It is said that if the cost rate is over 50%, it is an amateur, and if it exceeds 60%, it will go bankrupt.

However, the cost rate of my series is roughly 60%, and in some cases it exceeds 100%.


Collect top chefs
In addition, the strategy is to put Michelin-starred chefs at the forefront. We scouted famous chefs who had trained at third-class restaurants in Milan and Paris, as well as executive chefs from high-end Japanese restaurants, and created a system that would not be outdone by the quality of our cuisine.

This was to create a “barrier to entry” in the restaurant industry, which is full of imitations.


high customer turnover
In the past, by adopting a standing bar style, we were able to attract more customers and ensure a high turnover rate.

Recently, it has changed to a seated style, but by adopting a two-hour system, we have succeeded in keeping prices down by securing a high number of customers.


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