Indulge in Monteur: Japan’s Accessible Sweet Delight

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Are you savoring the sweet side of Japan yet?

While Japan boasts a rich history of traditional wagashi (Japanese sweets), it’s also home to a plethora of Western-inspired desserts. While it’s always a treat to visit renowned dessert parlors, you can easily find delightful sweets in local supermarkets and convenience stores.

Among these, Monteur stands out as a perennial favorite. If you’re visiting Japan, don’t miss out on this treat, easily available at supermarkets and convenience stores.

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What is Monteur?

Monteur is a leading dessert manufacturer in Japan, producing a wide range of treats from cakes, puddings, to ice creams.

Their products are a staple in many Japanese households and offices.

Why are Monteur’s desserts so delectable?

Commitment to Quality Ingredients

Monteur is relentless in its pursuit of creating “delicious” sweets.

They emphasize harnessing the natural flavors of ingredients, aiming to enrich the joyous “snack time” experience for consumers.

The Freshness of 100% Raw Milk

Every day, Monteur sterilizes fresh raw milk in their factory, generously using it in their custards and puddings.

This process accentuates the milk’s inherent sweetness and flavor.

Use of Fresh Eggs

Fresh eggs are indispensable in dessert-making.

Monteur sources fresh eggs from nearby farms, resulting in rich custards and fluffy sponges.

Tailored Use of Wheat Flour

Different desserts require specific types of wheat flour.

Monteur meticulously selects the best flour for each product, even developing their own original flour for roll cakes.

Commitment to Safety and Transparency

Monteur prioritizes consumer safety and peace of mind.

They minimize additives, ensure traceability, and provide clear allergen labeling.

Only ingredients that meet legal and company standards are used, and synthetic colorings are avoided.

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Where to find Monteur’s desserts?

Look for them in nearby convenience stores and supermarkets.

While convenience stores might be slightly pricier, supermarkets, especially discount ones, are recommended.

Keep an eye out for their distinctive blue logo.

A must-try includes their iconic cream puffs and eclairs, which offer a harmonious blend of freshness and creaminess.

They also sell Japanese-style sweets like “Dorayaki” and “Taiyaki”.

Dorayaki is a delightful fusion of Japanese and Western sweets. It features a rich flavor of red bean paste and a creamy milk layer, sandwiched between fluffy pancakes. We’ve improved the red bean paste production method to enhance its flavor even more.

So, when in Japan, make sure to indulge in the sweet symphony of Monteur’s desserts. You won’t regret it!


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