Conveyor-Belt Sushi : a type of sushi where sushi plates are placed on a conveyor belt that rotates around the store

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Conveyor-belt sushi is a type of sushi where sushi plates are placed on a conveyor belt that rotates around the store. Customers can take their favorite sushi while rotating. This type of sushi restaurant makes the sushi all at once, so you don’t have to pay for each piece, so it’s very reasonably priced.


Because it is a form that is gripped by a machine, it can be offered at a low price. Since the yen is currently depreciating, I recommend the sushi that people hold, although it is a little more expensive.

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4 big chains

Conveyor-belt sushi chains can be broadly divided into four categories. They are Sushiro, Hamazushi, Kurazushi, and Kappazushi. Let’s look at each chain in turn.


Overview of Sushiro

Sushiro is Japan’s largest conveyor belt sushi chain with over 500 stores. Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Fukuoka. With over 100 types of sushi, it is also known for its wide selection.

The origin of Sushiro is a sushi restaurant in Osaka called Tai Sushi. At that time, it was a restaurant with a reputation that was called “Aji no Tai Sushi”. The craftsmen who were making sushi there started the conveyor belt sushi restaurant “Sushiro” in the hope that more people could enjoy delicious sushi.

It takes knowledge and experience to purchase good fish. The taste of the same fish varies depending on the place of production, season, environment, and even the size of the fish. As a sushi chef, Sushiro carefully selects delicious fish from all over the world and purchases the freshest ingredients that are particular about freshness.

Sushiro has installed an IC chip on the sushi plate and introduced a product-by-item management system. For example, in the case of tuna, if it goes around the lane more than 350m, it is automatically discarded.
Real-time monitoring of the status of best-selling items ensures freshness management of sushi. Sushiro’s unique IT technology supports deliciousness.


Overview of Hamazushi

Hamazushi is the second largest conveyor belt sushi chain in Japan with over 500 stores. Zensho Co., Ltd. (at that time), which operated the beef bowl chain “Sukiya” and others, established Hamazushi Co., Ltd. in October 2002 with the aim of entering the conveyor belt sushi business.

Hamazushi’s tuna mainly uses more than 40kg of natural ingredients. Hamazushi boasts its exquisite texture and rich flavor.
By defrosting slowly and carefully in water with the same salt concentration as seawater, the umami is not lost. In order to make the original taste of the tuna even more prominent and allow our customers to fully enjoy it, we have devised various ways in the process leading up to serving it.

The large, fatty Atlantic salmon is one of the signature items. When you put it in your mouth, the bright flesh is as smooth as if it melts on your tongue. Hamazushi strives to ensure that customers can fully enjoy the unique richness and umami of salmon by thawing it in ice water and cutting it thickly one by one every day.

It is characterized by its elegant taste. At Hamazushi, we tighten the nerves immediately after landing in order to deliver it as fresh as possible. On the other hand, at the store, only the toppings that will be used that day are carefully boiled. The richness and sweetness of the fat is not lost, so you can fully enjoy the umami of the still sea bream.

The yellowtail is popular with men and women of all ages for its rich flavor and just the right amount of fat. At Hamazushi, the skin is carefully removed only for the portion that is served on that day. By cutting one piece at a time in the store every day, we make the most of the freshness and texture of the ingredients so that customers can enjoy the unique taste of “Itsujime”.


Overview of Kura Sushi

We have developed a conveyor belt sushi chain called “Mute Kurazushi” and have stores in all 47 prefectures. In addition to Muten Kurazushi, we have opened Japanese restaurants Mutenkura and Kurama Natural Fish Market in the Kinki region.


Overview of Kappa Sushi

A conveyor belt sushi chain operated by Kappa Create Co., Ltd. Belongs to the Colowide group.


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