Cooling Off in Tokyo’s Summer: Why Family Restaurants Beat Cafes!

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Tokyo, renowned as a tourist hub, also boasts some sizzling summer days.

If you, as an international traveler, are pondering where to chill and relax amidst the city’s heat, we have a stellar recommendation for you!

1. The Cafe Conundrum: While cafes in Tokyo’s downtown are undeniably trendy and cozy, they come with a catch. Most beverages range between ¥400 to ¥600. Furthermore, space is often at a premium in these establishments, making it challenging for prolonged stays.

2. Advantages of Family Restaurants: Family restaurants, on the other hand, frequently offer all-you-can-drink plans. By opting for such plans, you can enjoy a refreshing stay for hours at a fixed price. Prominent family restaurants in Tokyo include names like “Gusto“, “Bamiyan“, and “Saizeriya“.

3. Tap into Discount Coupons: Before heading out, it’s a savvy move to check the official websites of these family restaurants. They often provide discount coupons, turning your cooling-off session into a cost-effective one.

4. Spacious and Comfortable: Unlike some cramped cafes, family restaurants often provide spacious seating. This can be especially beneficial if you’re with a group or simply want to stretch out with your belongings.

5. Dive into Diverse Menus: Besides drinks, these establishments offer an extensive menu range from local Japanese dishes to international favorites. So, while you sip on your unlimited drinks, you can also indulge in a hearty meal.

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In the sweltering heat of Tokyo’s summer, family restaurants stand out as the best choice for both refreshment and relaxation.

When you’re exploring the heart of the city, consider retreating to a family restaurant during the midday heat.

Stay refreshed and make the most of your Tokyo experience even during the hottest days!


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