Power and WiFi Spots for Mobile Devices and PCs While Touristing in Japan

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When touring Japan, it has become common for visitors to carry smartphones, tablets, or laptops. These devices are essential for checking maps, searching for restaurants or shops, and coordinating meet-ups.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many establishments saw the need to attract more customers, leading to a significant expansion of charging facilities and WiFi-enabled environments. However, as the situation post-pandemic evolves, restaurants and cafes prioritize turnover rate. This has resulted in limiting the number of seats with charging capabilities and imposing time restrictions on WiFi usage.

Therefore, if you find yourself running low on battery or in need of WiFi during your trip, it’s crucial to choose your establishments wisely.

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Recommended Restaurants


Most McDonald’s outlets offer free WiFi spots and provide charging facilities, especially around the counter areas. They don’t impose time limits on their WiFi usage. However, you might need to reconnect once every hour.

Skylark Group – Gust, Bamiyan, and Jonathan

These are also recommended. However, they’ve recently reduced the number of seats with charging facilities. If you intend to charge your device, it’s advised to request a charging-enabled seat when you arrive. For WiFi, just like McDonald’s, you’ll need to reconnect every hour.

You can easily find the location of these restaurants on Google Maps.

Enjoy your Tokyo sightseeing!


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