February 9th is “Fugu Day”. 4 Things You Need to Know About Japanese Fugu

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4 Things You Need to Know About Japanese Fugu

February 9th is “Fugu Day”. Fugu is one of the Japanese tranditional fish, which is known as “puffer fish”, “globefish” “blowfish” or “swellfish”.

Fugu is a favorite food of Japanese people, but it is actually poisonous, so only licensed chefs are allowed to cook it.

This time, we will introduce four things you should know about Japanese puffer fish, including its characteristics, how to eat it, and where you can eat it. Please try fugu, which has become relatively easy to eat due to farming.

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Introduction to Japanese Fugu

Fugu has long been famous as a luxury food in Japan.

There are many species, more than 100 in the world, and about 40 in Japan.

It is famous as a poisonous fish, but there are non-toxic cooking methods.

In Japan, there are various regulations for safe cooking, and a chef’s license is required to serve food at a restaurant.

To ensure that our customers can enjoy our products with peace of mind, we not only test the toxicity of puffer fish, but also provide clear explanations about ingredients and safety.

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Characteristics of Fugu

Fugu can be distinguished by its characteristics.

It has spines on the surface of its body and is characterized by swelling when surprised.

In addition, they inhabit the Pacific Ocean, and are most abundant along the coasts of Japan.

It is in season from September to March, and this is the peak season for fugu recipes.

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To eat fugu deliciously

There are various ways to enjoy fugu.

Fugu sashimi can be eaten as a sushi ingredient.

However, there are certain rules for restaurants that serve blowfish dishes in Japan.

One of them is “indication of the presence or absence of poison”, and it is impossible to provide without indicating this.

For those who like sake, there is sake (natural fin sake) made with fugu fins.

It has a unique taste that can only be tasted at fugu restaurants.

Definitely recommended for those who like Japanese sake.

The pufferfish is grilled in front of you in sake, so you can enjoy it even more deliciously.

In addition, Kansai, especially Yamaguchi Prefecture, is close to the Sea of Japan and is home to an abundance of puffer fish.

Tecchiri nabe is made by simmering rich puffer meat, tofu, mushrooms and other vegetables in dashi stock and served with ponzu sauce.

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A restaurant where you can eat fugu safely

There are many restaurants in Japan where you can eat blowfish dishes.

At that time, it is important to confirm whether a license to serve puffer fish has been obtained and whether safety measures have been taken.

For that purpose, it is necessary to check the freshness of the fish and check the cooking method.

Genpin is a specialty store where you can easily enjoy “Fugu”. There are 20 stores in Tokyo.


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Fugu is an important part of Japanese food culture and a beloved Japanese food.

Due to its unique and dangerous characteristics, it is necessary to know before eating.

It is also important to check whether the restaurant is taking the necessary precautions when serving fugu dishes.

If you read this article, you can eat fugu deliciously and safely.


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