Limited time low price ( under 1000 YEN ) Wagyu burger now on sale at major burger chains

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NOTE: This promotion has already ended

Recently, the news that Wagyu beef hamburgers are on sale for a limited time at Mos Burger and Freshness Burger have become a hot topic in Tokyo.

The reason why it has become a hot topic is because the price is low even though it is wagyu beef.

It has been criticized for being too aggressive with the low-priced route that does not match the value of the product, but the demand is high and there is a fear that it will be sold out soon.

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Mos Burger Black Wagyu Beef Burger ONLY ¥690

Official Site

Shocking Japanese beef patty.MOS bought a whole Japanese black beef and made it into a patty.

We use only Japanese black beef from Japan to create a filling patty.
By buying a whole animal, you can use all the parts, and the good parts of each part are tightly packed into a delicious patty. It is a technique that Moss’s commitment can do.

Special teriyaki sauce for a special taste unique to Moss.

To further enhance the wagyu patty, we added tomatoes to the teriyaki sauce to create a sweet and sour sauce with a deep flavor.
Some of the tomatoes are non-standard raw vegetables from Moss.
Even if the size is difficult to ship, Moss raw vegetables play a role in the flavor of the sauce.
Adding a little amazake made it rich and deep.

Add tomato to create a perfectly balanced hamburger.

It took a lot of trying to find the ingredients for the wagyu beef, but it was worth
I would be happy if you could feel rich in body and soul by casually eating Kuroge Wagyu beef at Mos Burger.

Developer’s voice
“The balance of lean meat and fat was good, and it was delicious. Please enjoy it.”

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MOS Burger Locations in Tokyo

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Freshness Burger Kobe beef burger (880 yen) Kobe beef cheeseburger (980 yen)

Official Site

Among the branded Wagyu burger series, which has been a winter feature of our company since 2014, new products using Kobe beef patties with a particularly soft and juicy texture, “Kobe beef burger” and “Kobe beef cheeseburger”, December 7 It will be on sale from Wednesday (Wednesday) for a limited time.

Please take this opportunity to experience the texture and satisfaction unique to a burger cafe for adults that cannot be experienced at other chains.

The branded Wagyu burger is back again this year.
Continuing from last year, this year’s main event is “Kobe Beef,” which is popular as one of Japan’s top three wagyu beef .

We will deliver a discerning gem using a special patty using 100% Kobe beef at a price of less than 1,000 yen.

Among the Kobe beef burger series so far, the fluffy and juicy “Kobe beef 100% patty” has high-quality fat that gently melts and spreads in your mouth, allowing you to enjoy the overflowing flavor and aroma directly. “Domestic wasabi butter sauce” and “domestic watercress”
are combined with the special patty . A special sauce with a deep and mature taste, made by adding the spiciness of domestic minced wasabi to the rich Hokkaido butter sauce containing sake lees. Accented with finely chopped wasabi. Combined with domestic watercress, which has a faint and elegant bitterness, you can enjoy a refreshing meal. From last year’s Kobe beef burger, which is eaten with salt, it is a luxurious and adult hamburger that combines adult ingredients and pursues freshness.

Two types of deliciousness to choose from

Kobe beef burger

Kobe beef cheeseburger
with red cheddar cheese adds an elegant flavor and rich richness to a richer taste.

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Freshness Burger Shops in Tokyo

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Reference About Japanese beef, WAGYU

Wagyu is a breed of cattle native to Japan.

It is known for its extremely high quality marble-like marbling and intense marbling scores.

Wagyu beef is known for its rich umami flavor, dense marbling of fat, and exceptional tenderness.

Wagyu beef has an exceptional ability to convert feed into lean, muscle-building protein, resulting in highly marbling, flavorful, and super-tender meat.

High-quality Wagyu beef carries a premium for its outstanding taste and quality.

Wagyu beef is traded as a luxury product due to its superior taste and quality, but its difficulty in obtaining and unique flavor are largely due to the unique genetics and breeding methods used to produce wagyu beef.

There is Eating wagyu beef is a luxurious taste experience.

How Japanese Wagyu Beef is Graded

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