MANDARAKE which sells doujinshi, manga, cels, toys, shitajiki, CDs, posters, art-books, etc

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Mandarake is one of manga shops that you can find all the Japanese animation items you’ve ever dreamt of including doujinshi, manga, cels, toys, shitajiki, CDs, posters, art-books and so much more!

Mandarake Overview

Inside Mandarake Shop

In Tokyo, They have stores in Akihabara, Nakano, Ikebukuro, and Shibuya.

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Mandarake is one of the listed companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Mandarake is a listed company.

In Japan, there is a shareholder special benefit system, and cash vouchers that can be used at stores are provided according to the number of shares held and the number of years held. However, it is limited to shareholders in Japan.

Number of shares heldless than 1 yearover 1 year
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Mandarake achievements

Please refer to the link for details. Business performance deteriorated due to the corona crisis, but it is recovering.

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Mandarake stock price Dec 30 2022

The stock price has risen significantly due to the revision of the full-year business performance.

latest stock price

The PBR is less than 1x, but it has increased significantly compared to the latest.

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