Limited-Time Collaboration Products Launched at FamilyMart Featuring WAGYU MAFIA

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FamilyMart, a major convenience store chain in Japan, has teamed up with WAGYU MAFIA for an exciting limited-time collaboration.

WAGYU MAFIA, known for its innovative approach to showcasing premium Wagyu beef, has joined forces with FamilyMart to introduce an exclusive range of products that are sure to tantalize the taste buds of food enthusiasts.

The collaboration features three unique products:

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A spin on the classic cup yakisoba, ULTRA PEYOUNG stands out with its incorporation of rich flavors and garlic.

This dish is a twist on the traditional ‘Peyang Sauce Yakisoba Super Big’, enhanced with the savory depth of garlic, making it a hearty and flavorful option for a quick meal.

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These potato chips offer a burst of garlic flavor, appealing to those who love a strong, aromatic taste.

Infused with the essence of grilled meat, these chips replicate the experience of enjoying a yakiniku barbecue, making them a unique snack option.

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Completing the trio is the ULTRA HIGHBALL, a refreshing alcoholic beverage that pairs perfectly with the other two products.

Its crisp and clean taste, with a hint of lemon, makes it an ideal choice for balancing the intense garlic flavors of the ULTRA PEYOUNG and Potato Chips.

These products are available only for a limited time, offering a unique culinary experience.

However, given the strong garlic content, it’s advisable to choose your dining location wisely.

For those visiting Japan, these exclusive items at FamilyMart are a must-try to experience a unique fusion of convenience store culture and gourmet cuisine. Just remember to be mindful of the garlic!


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