Tokyo 1-Day Ticket : JR East, Tokyo Metro, Toei Subway, Toei Bus, etc

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The Tokyo 1-Day Ticket is a very convenient ticket for traveling to various places using trains and buses throughout the day.

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List of eligible public transportation

Map of area coverage
  • JR East lines: non-reserved seats in ordinary cars of ordinary trains (including rapid trains) in the 23 wards of central Tokyo
  • Tokyo Metro / Toei Subway
  • Nippori-Toneri Liner
  • Tokyo Sakura Tram(Toden Arakawa Line)
  • Toei Bus: all buses (exc. late night buses and reserved seat buses)

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Adult 1600 Yen / Child 800 Yen Per 1 Day

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Purchase Locations

Tickets can be purchased via reserved seat ticket vending machines, multifunctional ticket vending machines, and automatic ticket vending machines at major JR EAST stations within the area covered. Services are not available at some stations.

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