USUHARI : a high quality Japanese glass cup carefully crafted with the meaning of thin glass

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From the Matsutoku Glass Factory to the dining table. USUHARI’s Journey

This time, we will introduce the journey of “USUHARI” from Matsutoku Glass Factory to the dining table. Made of thin and light glass, this tableware is perfect for enjoying sake without stress. In this article, we will introduce the manufacturing process of this tableware and the reasons for its popularity. So read on.


1.History of Matsutoku Glass’s “Usuhari”

Matsutoku Glass was founded in 1922 as a factory that produced glass for light bulbs. After that, due to the change of the times, light bulbs were also replaced by machine manufacturing, instead of being hand-blown by craftsmen, and the main manufacturing item was shifted to glass tableware. Since then, we have continued to manufacture thousands of types of handmade glass tableware, with a focus on handiwork by craftsmen. Above all, we have refined the thin-blown manufacturing method cultivated in the manufacture of light bulbs, and we have received many orders for thin-blown glasses called “bite beer glasses”, which have been widely used by Japanese restaurants and Japanese cuisine since ancient times as Edo Glass. I will receive it. After that, based on this “single beer glass”, the light bulb that is the origin of Matsutoku Glass, and the glass tableware manufacturing know-how that we have cultivated so far, we have further improved quality over a long period of time and realized the image. After repeated technical research and development and numerous failures, the ideal glass was finally completed in 1989.


2. Manufacturing process of Matsutoku Glass “Usuhari”

This glass, which has been painstakingly handed down from one craftsman to another, has been carefully crafted with the meaning of thin glass and the delicate and soft image of hiragana, a unique culture of Japan. I named it Hari. “Usuhari” is very thin, so when the glass touches your lips, there is almost no feeling of foreign matter, and it is a glass that allows you to enjoy sake delicately and more deliciously. It is widely used in Japanese restaurants, Japanese cuisine, restaurants and bars. In addition, as a glass that beautifully expresses the original color of a drink, it is often used in beer commercials and advertising photos. Not only the function of these glasses, but also the “beauty of subtraction” that brings out the delicate and lovely characteristics of the glass, and the “modern Japanese design” that matches the lacquered table, have been received by art and design people both in Japan and overseas. is also highly rated.


3. Popularity of Matsutoku Glass’s “Usuhari”

There are various reasons why “Usuhari” is popular. First, the glass is thin and light, so it is easy to hold and use. Second, since the glass is transparent, it does not interfere with the taste of the drink. Third, it is durable and can be used for a long time. Finally, the price of “USUHARI” is very reasonable.


4. Summary

“USUHARI” is a high quality glass cup that is perfect for enjoying sake. The manufacturing process is also attractive and the glass is very durable. If you are looking for tableware that combines functionality and beauty, “USUHARI” is the perfect item.


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