Celebrating Japanese Spring Tradition: Hina Matsuri and the Charm of Meguro Gajoen

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For tourists visiting Japan, we would like to introduce the charm of the spring special event “Hina Matsuri” and the grand celebration at Meguro Gajoen’s “Hina Matsuri Exhibition”.

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Hina Matsuri: A Tradition of Blessings

In Japan, every year on March 3rd, “Hina Matsuri” is celebrated to wish for the health and happiness of young girls.

This tradition originated in the Heian period and evolved from the custom of “nagashi-bina,” where paper dolls were floated down rivers to ward off misfortune.

During the Edo period, the custom of displaying Hina dolls in homes became popular, and it continues to this day.

These dolls represent the Emperor and Empress, centered around “O-Dairi-sama” and “O-Hina-sama,” along with figures that resemble the imperial court.

During this period, vibrant foods are also enjoyed, with families gathering to celebrate.

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“Hina Matsuri Exhibition” at Meguro Gajoen

Meguro Gajoen, known for its history and luxurious interior, hosts the “Thousand-Year Hina Matsuri – From Heian to the Modern Era” from January 20 to March 10, 2024.

This exhibition features beautiful Hina dolls from all over Japan, including sitting dolls from Iizuka City in Fukuoka Prefecture and the miniature Hina tool collection by Yumiko Kawachi.

The display around the Tokyo-designated Tangible Cultural Property “Hyakudan Kaidan” is particularly breathtaking.


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How to Enjoy Meguro Gajoen

Beyond the Hina Matsuri, Meguro Gajoen offers a myriad of attractions.

With its luxurious wedding venues, hotels, and fine dining restaurants, it’s a place where you can experience the beauty of Japanese tradition.

The “Hyakudan Kaidan” area is renowned for its exquisite design and regularly hosts art exhibitions and cultural events.

We invite all tourists to fully experience the wonderful Japanese tradition this spring at Meguro Gajoen.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the historical Hina Matsuri and its grand celebration in a lavish setting.


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