Kushikatsu is a deep-fried pork skewer

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Kushikatsu. Delicious food popular in Osaka

This time, we would like to introduce you to Osaka’s popular and delicious dish, kushikatsu. Recommended not only for those who like Japanese food, but also for those who are looking for new dishes. You can learn everything about kushikatsu, from its history to its main ingredients, and you will surely want to try it yourself. Now let’s learn about kushikatsu.


1) The origin of kushikatsu

Kushikatsu is a dish that originated in Osaka in the early 20th century. It is said that the owner of a Japanese restaurant in Osaka decided to use up the leftover cutlet in some way. Kushikatsu is said to have originated when the owner of a Japanese restaurant in Osaka wondered if there was a way to use leftover cutlets from his restaurant, so he skewered them and deep-fried them.


2) Kushikatsu. About cooking

Kushikatsu is a deep-fried pork skewer. Kushikatsu is usually coated with bread crumbs and deep-fried until golden brown. It is eaten with various dipping sauces.


3) Main ingredients of kushikatsu

The main ingredient of kushikatsu is, of course, pork. Pork is usually thinly sliced ​​and skewered. Other ingredients include bread crumbs, eggs, and flour.


4) How to make kushikatsu

How to make kushikatsu is very simple. First, the pork is coated with a mixture of flour, egg and bread crumbs. The pork is then skewered and fried in oil until golden brown. Finally, dip the kushikatsu into the sauce and eat.


5) Kushikatsu Restaurants in Tokyo

Kushikatsu Tanaka” is the driving force behind making kushikatsu famous in Tokyo. We have many shops in Tokyo.

Kushikatsu Tanaka is a Japanese kushikatsu specialty store chain. It is known as a lively store with many interactions with the staff. Kushikatsu Tanaka has an extensive menu, and there are many types of kushikatsu. Side menus and drinks are also substantial. Kushikatsu Tanaka is popular not only with locals but also with tourists.

The recipe was handed down to Director Hiroe Tanaka from his late father, and he decided to open the first store in Setagaya, Tokyo.

It opened in December 2008. The number of customers gradually increased, and in the following summer, people started lining up even before the store opened. We are working hard on kushikatsu so that people from all over the world can enjoy the taste of Tanaka and the culture of Osaka.I think that Tanaka’s predecessor, Yukichi Tanaka, is also watching with joy and pride from heaven. Please enjoy the taste of Tanaka.

In 2021, the kushikatsu batter will be renewed with 40% less sugar, making it easier for those who are concerned about sugar to enjoy it.

In addition, there are many families, so the inside of the store is smoking, so it is a great store for those who do not smoke.

Location in Tokyo


Other Kushikatsu Restaurants in Tokyo… 


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