TORIKIZOKU Japanese Famous Yakitori Restaurant

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What is Yakitori

Yakitori is a Japanese dish of chicken skewered and grilled.

Yakitori is a popular dish in Japan and is often served as an appetizer or main dish.

Yakitori can be made with different parts of the chicken, such as breast, thigh, and chicken wings.

Seasoning is generally salt and sauce (soy sauce-based sauce).

Yakitori is usually grilled over charcoal, giving it a smoky flavor. Yakitori is a popular dish in Japan and has a long history.

Yakitori is first recorded as being served in the early 18th century.

Yakitori was originally a dish that was served only to the nobility and the upper classes, but it gradually became popular, and eventually it was served to people of all classes.

In the 20th century, yakitori became even more popular as it was served in restaurants and izakayas.

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Famous Yakitori Restaurant Torikizoku

Torikizoku is Japanese famous Yakitori Restaurant.

The biggest selling point is the low-price route that offers all items on the menu at the same price, which is the secret to its popularity.

However, the price has increased from 280 yen excluding tax to 319 yen excluding tax.

They serve not only yakitori, but many chicken-related dishes.

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