Guide to Suica: Japan’s Contactless Smart Card System : Limited Sale at this time

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Suica stands as a testament to Japan’s commitment to innovative technology, designed to offer an efficient and convenient mode of payment for public transportation.

Developed by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) in 2001, Suica quickly gained popularity, becoming an indispensable tool for both locals and tourists.

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Why Choose Suica?


No more scrambling for change or queueing for tickets.

Just tap your Suica on the card reader and you’re good to go!

Whether you’re hopping onto a train, bus, or subway in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Suica has you covered.

Moreover, the card extends its usability to vending machines, convenience stores, and even certain restaurants.


With Suica, overspending is not a concern.

The card links directly to your bank account or credit card, adding an extra layer of financial safety.


Opting for Suica over traditional paper tickets or cash can lead to fare discounts, ensuring you get more bang for your buck.

In summary

if you’re a visitor to Japan, securing a Suica card is an essential step in ensuring a smooth travel experience.

It promises convenience, security, and affordability wrapped up in one sleek package.

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Limited Availability Due to Semiconductor Shortage


The recent global semiconductor shortage has brought about an unexpected change: limited sales of the Suica card in select stores.

To address this and ensure that foreign tourists are not left stranded, the Welcome Suica card was introduced.

This variant, tailored for foreign visitors, offers the same functionality, but is a one-time-use card.

Where to Purchase?

For tourists flying into Japan, the Welcome Suica card is available at:

  • N’EX ticket counter at Narita International Airport
  • Airport Terminal 2 station at Narita
  • Welcome Suica ticket counter at Haneda International Airport Terminal 3
  • Welcome Suica ticket counter at both Terminal 2 and 3 of Haneda International Airport

Final Note

Given the limited sale points, we strongly recommend tourists to purchase their Welcome Suica cards upon arrival at the aforementioned airport locations.

This ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience as you embark on your Japanese adventure. Safe travels!


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